I learned something today! That makes it a good day, and its only 8:30am.  A while back I stood up a new virtual server. I have a few of them and they all use my Dell Powervault to hold the VM files. This works well for a number of reasons. The powervault and servers use their own gigabit LAN to transfer data. Nice and fast. The powervault is fault tolerant, so I sleep better at night.  I tried something new this time though. I created a host group, consisting of two virtual machine hyper-visors. I gave them both access to the same virtual disk. All was well for a while. then one of my servers got itself corrupted. (see my previous post about backing up servers!) Then another got corrupted. The second hyper-visor couldn’t even see the virtual disk anymore even with a bunch of fiddling. That’s tech-speak for troubleshooting until my eyes bleed.

After a lengthy call with Dell’s customer support I found out that even though their documentation shows you how to share a virtual disk between computers, DON’T DO IT. Apparently this can and does cause disk corruption because Microsoft doesn’t play well when sharing a file system. Supposedly I can only get away with this if I had the two hyper-visors clustered. Which I don’t.  Any way, something new!